A Good Assistant

“A Good Assistant” is a 6 minute short film that tells the story of a young woman trying her best to do a good job for her demanding boss. In this dark comedy, her preconceived notions about her villainous boss lead her down a path that changes her life forever.

STARRING Emmy Potter and Jonathan West

SILVER AWARD WINNER 2016 L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION 2016 Made in New York Filmmakers Showcase

OFFICIAL SELECTION Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival


Praise for Director Natalie Sena:

I particularly like the use of movement of people (extras) in this, it’s nicely choreographed. Hope to see more work from you in the future. Briony Kidd, Festival Director – Stranger With My Face

Writer/Director Natalie Sena: The inspiration for “A Good Assistant” came from my day job where I am an assistant to an executive. During a colleague’s birthday celebration in the office, I noticed we were using meat carving knives to cut the cake. This macabre realization made me think about how an office setting has all of the tools to dispose of a body and how as an assistant I would do almost anything my boss asks of me…but I would I go as far as dismemberment? This film is based on my life but not autobiographical. I’m excited to have created a film about a young woman that was made by young, diverse women – our crew was 80% female.